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Lazy Frilly Teepee

Lazy Frilly Teepee


This teepee is made from unbleached natural canvas fabric. The front view of the teepee is made from alternate layers of white and baby pink net fabric, giving it a girly frilly look.


The other three sides of the teepee is plain i.e. no frills on the other 3 side. This design has no windows.


The mat isnt included but can be added at checkout, its made from the same fabric as the teepee and has a canvas base to avoid slipping.



  • Teepee measures 5 feet.
  • When assembled it stands 4.5 feet in height
  • Base measures. 40 X 40 inches


The dowels are made from Pine Wood.


The order will reach you within 14 days from the day of payment.


Any query write to us:


  • Care Instructions

    Spot cleaning only.


  • Assembly Instructions

    Dont worry about assembling your teepee.

    It comes assembled in the teepee box,, You just need to spread the poles from the bottom, like an umbrella. When not in use can be folded easily and kept under the bed or in a corner.

    Details for future assembly will come along with your teepee.

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